Foreign language – necessary condition

In the first six months of this year, half of job advertisements had a necessary condition – that is knowledge of a foreign language. According to the analysis conducted by, English was required in 47 per cent of offers.

Experts with English are needed


According to the analysis of, employees most frequently required the ability of speaking English from the IT experts (over 75 per cent of job advertisements from this industry), specialists for finances (over 69 per cent) and specialists for office administration (over 66 per cent). Among job advertisements aimed at IT industry, the knowledge of English was most often required from experts who administer systems and computer programmers. Taking advertisements from the area of finances/economy into account, this condition concerned accountants, specialists for financial and business analysis and experts of control. In the case of offers aimed at candidates from the area of office administration, the knowledge of English was crucial at posts of administrative support, specialists from introducing/processing of data as well as people closely related to assistance posts. In the marketing industry, English was a necessary condition for candidates applying for a job in business marketing as well as product and brand management.


Data prepared by shows that the ability of speaking English was also necessary in the case of 54 per cent of all job advertisements from the area of engineering posts. These offers most frequently concerned experts for electronics/electrical engineering, experts professionally engaged in constructions/technologies and engineers/servicemen. 


Are German and French popular?


In the first half-year, the second most frequently required language from employees was German (9 per cent of all offers). In the case of particular posts, this language was crucial among experts for administration (17 per cent of all offers dedicated to this group), engineers (15 per cent), experts for finances/economy (15 per cent) and experts for customer service (10 per cent). Another language, the knowledge of which was required by potential employers, was French – 3 per cent of all offers included a condition of speaking this language. Italian, Spanish or Russian were present only in 1 per cent of all job advertisements.  


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