Higher salaries?

According to the next edition of the research conducted by Randstad „Plans of employers", even 35 per cent of companies are going to increase salaries of their employees in the following six months.

Pay rises for everybody?

According to the newest edition of the research conducted by Randstad Plans of Employers, a traditional period of pay rises envisaged on the first quarter of 2016 will be special. Even 35 per cent of the surveyed companies claim that they are going to increase salaries of their employees in that time. This percentage is higher by 10 percentage points than in the previous year and the highest one in the history of the whole survey.


The pay rises are most frequently declared by representatives of companies from such sectors as industry (40 per cent), services (39 percent) as well as transport, warehouse and logistics (38 per cent). Considering regions, the pay rises are planned by companies from the whole country – most frequently on west (41 per cent) and north (40 per cent).


Two-thirds of the companies planning to grant pay rises to their employees declare that they will be at the level of below 7 per cent. Moreover, 14 per cent of the companies are going to exceed this level. Interestingly, every fifth company cannot asses the amount of future pay rises, which may suggest that they are more directed towards relative activities aimed at concrete cases of negotiations with employees – points out Agnieszka Bulik, chairman for law and public affairs, Randstad.


Almost two-thirds of the respondents claim that pay rises are going to include the majority of employees. On the other hand, about one third of the surveyed companies will grant higher salaries to smaller groups constituting 50 per cent of the staff.


In spite of winter, the employment is increasing

The Polish labor market is seasonal and winter is frequently a period when we may observe decline in employment. Meanwhile, the answers of the surveyed companies suggest that the scale of increasing employment in the following six months is still at the very high level. It is a very important sign illustrating the present attitude of enterprises for intensive development – points out Agnieszka Bulik.


New permanent posts at the turn of the year are to be created by 31 per cent of the respondents – by 2 percentage points less than in the previous quarter, but by 5.5 percentage points more than in the previous year and even by 12 percentage points more than in 2013. Taking regions into account, the greatest increase in workplaces is declared by enterprises from the Pomeranian and Western-Pomeranian regions (37 per cent). This percentage in the center, on west and east of the country amounts to 30 per cent, whereas in the regions such as Lower Silesia, Upper Silesia and Little Poland – 26 per cent. Most frequently the employment is to be increased by companies functioning in the sector of commerce and repair as well as logistics, transport and warehouse economy – amounting to 35 per cent and in the case of the industry – 33 per cent.


Good condition of companies but worse condition of economy

The growth potential of companies is strictly related to their financial condition. Two-thirds of the respondents claim that their enterprises are in a good or very good financial situation (67 per cent). Most frequently it is claimed by representatives of entities with foreign or mixed capital (respectively 83 per cent or 82 per cent) as well as big companies with the number of employees exceeding 250 (75 per cent). Only 5 per cent of enterprises are experiencing a bad or very bad financial condition.


However, the optimism of the business world is decreasing second quarter in a row in relation to the condition of the economy. At present, only 23 per cent of the respondents are expecting economic growth in the following six years – this percentage amounted to 32 per cent in May this year. The increased uncertainty of entrepreneurs related to the future economic activity is undoubtedly colored with the constantly changing political surrounding and expectation for constitution of new authorities. The more and more disturbing international situation has certainly a crucial impact on dampening spirits in business – comments Agnieszka Bulik.


The fact that more than one third of employers are planning to increase salaries is good information for employees. At the same time, it is a signal that enterprises are in a much better form than in the previous year and employees have a stronger tender position – summed up chairman of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency Sławomir Majman.


The recent 28th edition of the survey „Plans of Employers”, was conducted in the period from 7th October to 10th November this year on the sample of 100 companies with the exception of companies hiring less than 10 employees and organizations functioning in the area of personal consultancy.


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