2 million sq. m of offices for one sector

According to the analyses conducted by JLL, the sector of services for business in Poland occupies ca. 2 million sq. m of office space. And this number is still increasing.

According to data of ABSL, there are ca. 212 thousand people working in the sector of services for business. The number of employees hired in this sector is still increasing together with development of companies operating in this industry, which contributes to growing demand for office areas.


By some of our estimates, the sector of services for business in Poland may need ca. 250 000 sq. m of new office areas each year. It is the effect of both development of the industry and systematic increase of employment – informs Mateusz Polkowski, Chairman in Department of Market Research and Consultancy, JLL.


The office space occupied by services for business is bigger and bigger and the approach of employers and employees to the offer of offices for rent has also changed. According to the surveys of JLL and Skanska, ca. 65 per cent of the respondents believe that the appearance of the office can be an argument for choosing a particular employer. 


Meeting rooms, rooms for design, creative or quiet work as well as space for integration are becoming more and more popular solutions in the office. They can have a significant impact on increase of the areas occupied by centers of services for business, for which a well-designed, attractively arranged and comfortable office is a bigger asset in the process of gaining new employees and keeping the best experts in the company. The office became one of the tools to manage human resources – says Karol Patynowski, Director of Tenant Representation Department, JLL.


The sector of services for business is the main tenant of offices in many Polish cities. For instance, the participation of the occupied office space by companies from this industry in Krakow constitutes ca. 67 per cent. This sector also constitutes a big propotion of tenants in other bigger cities, e.g. it amounts to ca. 52 per cent in Łódź, 51 per cent in Wrocław and more than 30 per cent in Rzeszów and Katowice. A quite different situation can be observed in Warsaw – centers of services for business in this city constitute ca. 9 per cent of office space.  


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