European market is on the top

Analysts expect further increases in the coming months of 2011

At the end of May 2011, the volume of investment in Central and Eastern Europe reached a value of 4.4 trillion Euros - informed the analysts of CBRE. Compared to the same period of the previous year, this represents an increase of 180 percent. Fluency of many markets began to improve, primarily due to increased volume and value of transactions. The popularity of this part of Europe was not affected by large fluctuations in open-ended funds in Germany, which are massively disposing of their assets. 

Investment activity is spreading to new locations in the central and eastern parts of the continent, but the main focus of transactions is on previously dominant locations - Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia. A noticeable increase in the primary market was observed in Czech Republic.It is the result of the closure of a number of significant transactions. Moreover, there is a high level of transaction security, guarantee of revenue and quality offered in the primary market area. As a result, the secondary market is not very popular among investors. Budapest and Bucharest are also characterized by high efficiency - at the end of the year, activity on these markets will increase significantly compared to the popular Warsaw and Prague. 
Central and Eastern Europe is an object representing the interest of investors especially Austrian and British capital. They are looking for the best location characterized by quality to price relation.
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