UNCTAD's World Investment Report 2011

In an investment report published by the United Nations, Poland was in sixth place among the most attractive countries in the world.

According to a report prepared for the 21st time by United Nations Conference of Trade and Development UNCTAD, Poland was in sixth place among the most attractive countries in the world for investments. At the higher positions were only Russia, Brazil, India and the U.S., and like in the previous year, China was on the first place. The ranking is drawn up on the basis of expert’s opinion. A similar to Poland's result, about 20 percent, was achieved by Indonesia, Australia, Germany and Mexico. 

The investment attractiveness of Poland is determined primarily by economic stability, the availability of an educated workforce and relatively low labor costs. Krakow's first place among the most promising cities for outsourcing is also a big advantage of Poland. 
According to the report, World Investment Report 2011, the foreign direct investment has not reached the pre-crisis level; however, in several regions it shows greater improvements. In 2010 it amounted to a total of 1.24 trillion dollars. UNCTAD report shows, first of all, the factors associated with the risk of investment and market regulations in the assessment of individual regions. In the coming years the investment level should grow, and in 2013, it should reach a peak recorded in 2007 - 1.9 billion dollars. This is an optimistic scenario, that it will come true, if there are no economic disruptions resulting from uncertainties that still persist in the global economy - said Zbigniew Zimny, UN expert of FDI. 
The report also points to the growing importance of non-equity forms of international production, including custom production and outsourcing services. Among the benefits of this form of investment, UNCTAD analysts mention transfer of knowledge, technology and skills. However, there is a high risk of investment portability and the dependence of the economy on the global demand.
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