Hala Koszyki company in Griffin Group's hands

Warsaw. Previous owner decided to concentrate on other projects.

Avestus Real Estate is no longer the owner of Hala Koszyki partnership which was carrying out the process of revitalisation of historical Hala Targowa, built in years 1906-1909 on Koszykowa St.in Warsaw's downtown. The new owner is Griffin Group, who wants to continue the renovation, intending to make Hala Targowa a work of art fit for Warsaw, one that will renew and animate the immediate neighbourhood. Colliers has represented Avestus company in the transaction.

Upon realizing this interesting investment, Hala Koszyki is going to offer an intriguing, modern business area surrounded by office buildings. Designing of Hala Koszyki is being handled by JEMS Architekci architectural studio, who shall present the project's advanced concept by the end of the year.

The new owner of Hala Koszyki partnership, the GRIFFIN GROUP, is an investment and development company that works on both commercial and residental property market. It's tasks include financing, acquiring, building and rebuilding of luxurious residental, business and office projects. In it's portfolio, the company has outstanding properties in various polish cities. GRIFFIN GROUP 's  total property development potential amounts to over 500 000 m2. The company also manages a mezzaline type financial platform ( a method for financing businesses in a heightened risk environment), dedicated for polish property market.

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