ECO GTC has sold Platinum Business Park

The complex's four buildings have been measured to be worth 139 mln Euro
The complex's four buildings have been measured to be worth 139 mln Euro
Warsaw. The buyer is Allianz Real Estate Group's subisiadry


This june, GTC and Allianz signed a preliminary sale contract of Platinum Business Park's five buildings, but it was only just now that the've signed the document's final form. Four buildings of the complex have been measured to be worth 139 mln Euro, and their sale will provide GTC with 44 mln  of ready money. The sale of fifth building, wchich is going to take place at the beginning of the coming year, will bring GTC an additional 16 mln. The transaction has been concluded with a capitalization rate on the level of 6.7%. The ready money gained by GTC will allow the company to reduce its liabilities and execute further projects.

Warsaw's Platinium Business Park complex, located at the junction of Domaniewska and Wołoska St., offers its leaseholders around 56 000 m2 of area, rented out in 100%. Regardless of the sale, GTC can expand the complex with an additional structure with a total rent area of around 13 000 m2.

Let us remind that during last week's prestigous ,,Biurowce w Polsce” conference in Warsaw, GTC company has recieved U.S. Green Building Council's official confirmation regarding awarding Platinium V building with LEED Gold Certificate in "Core and Shell" cathegory. When awarding the building with LEED Gold certificate, USBGC took all stages of the investment into consideration: choice of location, planning and designing, construction works as well as execution of design targets.

Among Platinum V leaseholders are: VeriFone Polska, Schrack-Seconet, K2, Starcom as well as companies of PSA Peugeot Citroën Group.
Responsible for the architectural design is Grupa 5 Architekci studio, and the building's general contractor was Warbud company.


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