Ipopema in Le Palais

Warsaw's Le Palais office building has a first leaseholder.

Companies making up Ipopema Group - Ipopema Securities, Ipopema Tfi  and Ipopema Business Consulting – have signed a lease contract for 2 300 sqm. in the historical Le Palais building, which makes almost half of office space available in it.

Le Palais structure is situated in Warsaw's center on Próżna 7 and 9 St., directly neighbouring with Plac Grzybowski. Warimpex developer, the building's new owner, at the start of 2011  begun its complete revitalization in cooperation with Raiffeisen Leasing. The usable space in the A class building will reach over 6 000 sqm, 4 900 of which is going to be allocated for modern offices.

The structure's revitalization will not be limited just to renovating facades - it will also encompass its interiors, including reconstruction of stuccos, pre-war mozaics and driveways for carriages. Warimpex will also take care of the new investment's surroundings. It is going to renovate Próżna St. and the sidewalks. Additionally, it is performing renovation of facade of another historical structure located opposite Le Palais.

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