Companies pick SSE in Cracow

It is the 92nd and 93rd permission. Manufacturers from food and sealing industries are beginning operation in the zone.


Board of Krakowski Park Technologiczny ( Cracow's Technological Park) has issued another two decisions enabling operation in Cracow's Special Economic Zone. 92nd and 93rd permission fell into the hands of FoodCare and Dortech II companies.

FoodCare sp. z o.o. company operates in food industry. It is going to spend on over 21 million zł on the new investment in Niepołomice and hire at least 15 people. It is the second permission for operating activity in Cracow's zone for FoodCare.

Dortech II handles manufacturing of sealings resistant to high temperatures. The company has committed to incur capital expenses of over 550 000 zł and to hire at least two people, and it is goping to execute its investment project under Tarnowski Klaster Przemysłowy ( Tarnów Industrial Cluster).

From the start of the year, employment in Cracow's Special Economic Zone is going to increase by 171 people, and investment expenditures are going to amount over 74.5 million zł.

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