First tenants in Sky Tower

Sky Tower in Wrocław
Sky Tower in Wrocław
In April first tenants moved into offices in Sky Tower, a tower block in Wrocław.

Tenants, who lease their offices in the tower block in Wrocław, come from different sectors. The offices are leased not only by Polish companies from Wrocław, which operate on the European scale (e.g. Work Service), but also by international corporations such as Samsung and Kyocera. Some law firms, IT companies (Sii and itKontrakt) and financial partnerships (Getin Holding, Getin Noble Bank, Idea Bank and TU Europa already moved into the Sky Tower tower block. Diversified office spaces also encouraged some local enterprises to rent office space in there.

Sky Tower is the highest building in Poland and offers 28 500 sq m. Tenants may benefit from 15 high-speed lifts. The building has 26 floors and rises to 105 m in the sky. The top floor offices found their tenants as first, including partnerships from the IT and financial sector.

At the moment, 80% of the office space is already leased, while the half of it is occupied by residents. Tenants may be lured by various spaces. "The smallest office modules have the space of 30 sq m, and may be occupied, for instance, by those enterprises which start business activities. Moreover, rental prices are discussed with particular tenants individually, depending on a particular space. However, these prices fluctuate around the orindary market price in Wrocław," comments  Małgorzata Danek, the president of LC Corp Sky Tower.

The Sky Tower tower block is also attractive due to its rental prices and address. "Our tenants are proud to underline the fact that when they invite their potential trading partners, they can only say "Sky Tower" without giving more details on the specific address. Sky Tower not only improves their image, but also ensures the brand recognition the from the very beginning," claims Małgorzata Danek.

The office building was cosntructed on the port of land of 2,7 ha between Powstańców Śląskich, Gwiaździsta, Wielka and Szczęśliwa Streets. Almost 25 000 tons of steel and 4 hectares of glass were used during the building's construction. The building's total space amounts to 171 000 sq m, out of which 20 000 sq m is is intended for residential purposes. 

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