Sii company still rents in Tri-City

Olivia Business Center in Gdańsk
Sii company functioning in IT industry has increase almost twice the area rented in Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk.

The transaction signed by Sii company is the largest rental agreement made this year in Tri-City. The company's expanded office in Olivia Business Centre occupies 2700 square meters . During negotiations the tenant was represented by CBRE consultancy company, while the building representative was TPS company.

This is the fourth expansion of Sii office space in Tri-City. Initially, in 2008, the company occupied 80 square meters in high-rise building on Heweliusz street, where with its growth it rented further square meters. In 2010 it was decided to move to Biała-Office. Based on the tremendous dynamics of the company’s growth, ultimately Sii moved to Olivia Gate building, where initially rented 1200 square meters and after some years the headquarters has extended to 1,800 sqare meters. The newest transaction means that the company will occupy three floors the connected Olivia Point and Olivia Tower buildings.

We are the fastest growing IT company in Poland. During selection of a building above all we focus on location convenient for engineers and customers, modern infrastructure and security systems, as well as friendly environment for our employees . In our opinion, the new space in Tower and Point buildings will meet all of these conditions - said Michael Desmurs, head of Sii company’s division in  Gdansk.

Sii company considered various options but finally decided to continue its development in Olivia Business Center. Enlargement of Sii area is related with relocation within the office park to a whole new office space that will be prepared to meet the current requirements  of Sii - said Mariusz Wisniewski, head of CBRE office in Tri-City.

Sii company employs more than 1,300 engineers. It offers support for the analysis and testing, software development, infrastructure management, integration and maintenance of systems. In Gdansk, the company employs more than 420 employees, which is one of the three largest employers in the IT sector in Pomerania. Monthly the division in Gdansk recruits at an average of 15 specialists. Sii company seeks engineers at various levels - from a student to a Project Manager.

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