New tenant in Dzielna 60

Dzielna 60 office complex
Dzielna 60 office complex
Grupa Pracuj joined the group of tenants occupying the area in a modernized Warsaw office complex.

The office complex at Dzielna 60 Street was opened right after its renovation and it is still filling up with tenants. Grupa Pracuj became a new occupier in this complex which offers loft offices. The company is professionally engaged in delivering solutions which support other companies in recruitment, maintenance and development of employees. Moreover, 30 thousand clients from 40 countries benefit from products and services offered by this company.


Grupa Pracuj is going to move into the Żoliborz building – one of the fifth structures which is the member of the complex owned by Ochnik Development. The company will have moved into the office, which offers 500 sq. m of area, by the end of May this year. According to developer, the PRP Technologies Poland partnership, the office of which is located at Dzielna 60, extended a lease contract for the next 5 years.


The investor’s representatives admit that companies which search for area for rent show a great interest in loft offices – Renovated and redeveloped buildings of former factories, which are currently being arranged in an interesting and modern way, attract the attention of companies which search for some non-standard office area in Warsaw. Dzielna 60 has a market advantage thanks to its original offer and due to an intimate character – points out Jacek Ochnik, chairman of the board in Ochnik Development. At present, we are negotiationing with several partnerships which need offices with a significant area – informs Jacek Ochnik.


The Dzielna 60 project envisaged a combination of historical elements with modern ones. The construction elements of factory developments such as brick-built walls and bars, steel poles and buntlines as well as transparent constructions of metal entresols were kept, restored and exposed in the interiors. The companies may also rent area from 60 to 700 sq. m within one floor. Additionally, the tenants may benefit from a free Conference Hall, Relaxation Zone, green yard with places intended for rest and a seasonal café garden. Moreover, there is also Nasza Kuchnia restaurant located in a two-level loft on the area of the complex.


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