Olivia Business Center successfully commercializes O4

Office in O4 in Olivia Business Center
Office in O4
The total office space available in O4 in Olivia Business Center has been totally occupied within 3 months since the opening. Small companies will soon be able to move into another floor.

O4 zone occupies a part of the Olivia Four office building which constitutes one of five offices in the Olivia Business Center complex. There is a multimedia conference center on the ground floor of O4 and offices with different size, co-working area with desks for rent for hours and social part are located on the first floor.


The number 4, which is present in the name of the zone, refers to the office and four pillars of the project's program on which the activity of the platform is based: financing, internationalization, „Smart Space” offer and creative education. People and companies which decide to locate their activity in the O4 zone may count on help in establishing relations and local, national and foreign cooperation. I.a. at creation of new companies and undertakings, new development chances for already functioning businesses, exchanging of experiences, searching for financing, cooperation of science with business, education and development of art and design – comments Marta Moksa, Managing Director in O4.


100 per cent of available office area have been already rented in space opened nearly 3 months ago. The tenants of O4 are small and medium companies renting offices with the size amounting to not less than 16 sq. m. Due to very high interest in offer, the investor of Olivia Business Center has already started project and construction works concerning the next floor. Its commission is planned on September this year.  


The tenants of O4 function in various industries: IT, e-commerce, language courses, translation, intelligent solutions for home, HR, consulting, venture capital and financing. Moreover, there are also companies with a foreign capital such as Dutch Webmerce, Finnish Martela, Norwegian Web-On, British Winning Moves or eGain which functions in Finland, Estonia and Denmark.   


Over 150 people work in O4 each day and their number is increasing during numerous events and conferences. In spite of short time of presence on the market, some events have already taken place: meetings of 3Camp, conference of Edukacyjne Centrum Doskonalenia, discussion panel of experts from Olivia Business Center with students from different countries within European Economic Congress or meeting with Magda Gacyk – a journalist and blogger living in Silicon Valley.  


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