ECO Tensor X in Gdynia with a new tenant

Tensor - visualization of the office complex
Tensor - visualization
A producer of fish preserves – Thai Union Poland is going to move into Tensor X which is being realized by Euro Styl. At present, the commercialization process of the building has reached 60 per cent.

Thai Union Poland rented over 250 sq. m on the third floor of the Tensor X office. The new tenant of the complex is specialized in production of fish preserves in Poland under the brands „King Oscar”, „Laguna”, „Koga Maris” and „Aakerman”. The company belongs to the international Thau Union Frozen Products concern which is considered as the biggest producer of fish preserves from tuna in the world. It also has significant market shares in the category of sardines, mackerels and shrimps in Asia, Europe and USA.


The building's developer – Euro Styl – was represented by experts from JLL in the lease transaction. Thai Union Poland is another company which chose Gdynia Redłowo and Tensor complex for its headquarters. The lease contracts in the building X have been already signed by BEST SA and Maersk Poland. Therefore, Tensor X is commercialized in 60 per cent which constitutes a very good result on a very competitive Tricity office market as for a structure which should be commissioned within next six months.The building of the next stage – the building Y has already started. The commission is planned on June 2016 with a forecasted lease level at 80-90%. The negotiations for the building Z, which is planned on 2017, are currently being conducted – says Magdalena Reńska, Chairman of JLL Department in Tricity.   


Tensor is being realized in Gdynia at Łużycka 8 Street close to Szybka Kolej Miejska Redłowo station and Pomorska Kolej Metropolitalna (Stadium), which is planned on 2016. The complex is composed of three buildings class A with the names X, Y and Z. The total lease area will amount to 19 750 sq. m (X – 4960 sq. m, Y – 8190 sq. m and Z – 6600 sq. m). Moreover, 450 parking places are planned in Tensor as well as many other facilitations for bicyclists (offices are situated in close proximity to a bicycle lane). The important asset of the park is its functionality supported by i.a. energy-saving facade, BMS installations, UPS backup power and power generator, modern HVAC installation with solutions called free cooling and many pro-ecological solutions, thanks to which the complex is in the process of the BREEAM certification with – at least – a very good grade. Furthermore, high quality common areas with generally accessible Wi-Fi are envisaged in the structure and places with an attractive and small architecture which are friendly to users as well as relaxation zone (for instance a trace for playing boule) are planned outside. The crucial aspect is also a possibility of flexible arrangement of space. Additional benefit is wide architectural support offered by the investor in the area of arrangement and finishing of offices.    


The exclusive agent responsible for commercialization of the Tensor complex is international JLL consulting company. The coherent lease strategy based on transparent and open approach to clients during negotiations and remaining in harmony with a headword and program of values Jesteśmy Fair, which functions in Euro Styl, in combination with professional support of JLL results in efficiently signed lease contracts. The idea of the realization of Tensor in Gdynia turned out to be a really good choice – comments Mikołaj Konopka, Vice-Chairman of Euro Styl.  


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