Łódź Centrum Biznesu is totally rented

Centrum Biznesu in Łódź
Eniro Poland extended a lease contract concerning area in the Centrum Biznesu office structure in Łódź. Thus, the building is totally rented.

Eniro Poland has been renting office area in the Centrum Biznesu building located in Łódź for nearly 10 years. The extension of the lease contract is confirmation of all advantages of this office. Perfect location and functional set of the area was perfect in foregoing usage – says Joanna Hampel, Deputy Chairman for Sales, Eniro Poland.


Centrum Biznesu in Łódź is a structure which arouses a great interest among tenants due to its location. The building is successfully modernized from time to time, thanks to which it is not only visually attractive but also functional and energy-saving in spite of its age. A complex modernization of the air-conditioning installation has been recently conducted and we also started works in common parts, which will be thoroughly face-lifted – says Piotr Klatka, Chairman of Łódź department, NAI Estate Fellows.


Eniro offers services in the area of searching for local information about companies, products and services in Scandinavian countries as well as Poland. It offers „multiscreen” solutions – users may easily locate searched products and services via smartphones, tablets and computers. One of the brands of Eniro in Poland is Panorama Firm available as a local search engine.


Centrum Biznesu is an office structure with the area of 7700 sq. m located in the center of Łódź at Piłsudskiego Avenue. The office was commissioned in 2001 and now it is totally rented. A commercial and service part is located on the ground floor of the structure. NAI Estate Fellows is responsible for commercialization of the building as well as management on order of the Catalyst Capital fund. It services properties with the area of nearly 400 000 sq. m in about 30 locations.  


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