Takeover of TriGranit is finalized

TPG Real Estate announced that it finalized the process of takeover concerning TriGranit on 1st December this year.

TPG Real Estate – a real estate platform owned by a global private company TPG – announced that it finalized the process of takeover concerning a developer of Hungarian origin which functions in Central and Eastern Europe – that is TriGranit. Within the transaction TPG purchased a portfolio of commercial and office assets which are located on the Polish market as well as in other locations in Central and Eastern Europe. Among them there are office, commercial and residential complexes such as Bonarka City Center, Bonarka Residential, Bonarka Offices, Energit, Poznań Office Center, Silesia Offices I and Silesia Offices II.


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TriGranit owns offices in Budapest, Warsaw, Cracow and Bratislava. It is going to realize the full scope of developer activity including e.g. canvassing or management of real estates. The management board will remain the same. The new TriGranit will be managing a much broader scope of activities than it used to in the past. As an integrated real estate platform, we would not be concentrated only on development and management of commercial and office projects but also on purchasing of high quality assets. First and foremost, we are interested in Poland and capitals in Central Europe. We notice a huge potential in countries of this region due to their beneficial macroeconomic climate as well as positive trends in the real estate sector (ed. transl.) – said Árpád Török, chairman of TriGranit.


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Mam nadzieję, że nie zaniedbają Bonarki.
December 8, 2015 at 11:50 AM