Emir 23 company has spent 14.2 mln euro

The object of the transaction has been the located at Warsaw's Stegny plot of land with an office structure.

Alterco company sold the plot of land with a building for a total net price of 14.2 mln euro. Lokated on Sikorskiego St. in Warsaw, the estate has become the property of Emir 23 copartnership,  belonging to Neoinvestments Group 

The 6-storey office building has been completed in the first quarter of 2008. The building, which provides its leaseholders with almost 14 900 m2 is characterised by simple shape and light construction. The predominant materials are glass and steel.

Alterco's role has been to structurize the transaction, conduct a multistage due diligence project, perform financial arrangement and integrate actions of the transaction's participants - said Zbigniew Zuzelski, board president at Allerco S.A.


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