Purchaser of Prosta Tower is to pay 118 million zlotys

Prosta Tower
Prosta Tower
Marvipol concluded a preliminary sale contract with the international fund concerning Prosta Tower. The net value of the contract amounts to 26.7 million euro. The stock exchange company was guaranteed the right to long-term stay in the building. Marvipol is to be one of the key tenants.

Prosta Tower is an office building class A+, which is situated at Prosta Street in the Warsaw’s Wola district. The usable space of this 8-floor building amounts to more than 6000 sq. m. The office was commissioned in 2011 and the level of lease totals 95 per cent.


Prosta Tower is one and only building thanks to both unique solid and facade of the project performed by phenomenal Stefan Kuryłowicz as well as the small setting of floors, which enables addressing our offer to companies searching for smaller areas in a prestigious location. The strong asset of this office is location; the region of Rondo Daszyńskiego is becoming a new business center of Warsaw, optimally communicated thanks to the second line of metro, crossroads of two tram lines, bus communication and close proximity to the railway station. We believe that the market value of Prosta Tower will increase along with development of the business city block of Wola, however, we came to a conclusion that Marvipol – the leading developer in the capital which bases on the optimal rotation of the capital and the effective engagement in new developer projects – would benefit from the sale of the building and intending the released capital for new projects – says Mariusz Książek, Director of Marvipol SA. 


On the other hand, the chairman of the stock exchange company emphasizes that Prosta Tower is to be a headquarters of Marvipol SA in accordance with the contract. We would like to remain a long-term tenant in Prosta Tower – says Mariusz Książek.


According to the concluded contract, the sale transaction of Prosta Tower is to be finalized by the end of 24th January 2017 at the latest. After the payoff and repayment of the loan, the means of the Group will increase by no less than 49 million zlotys.


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