Kia Motors Poland's new headquarters

Kia Motors Polska decided to change its headquarters. It is related to the company's rapid development, increasing car sales and growing number of employees.


The new office is located in Warsaw on Puławska St. It has an area of 2 444 m2. The new headquarters contein offices, conference halls, technical facilities and utility rooms. At the back of the building is Kia's central spare parts' warehouse.

The change of our headquarters was a strategic decision, related to not only the company's dynamic growth, increase in sales and hired personnel, but primarily to the direction in which Kia brand is headed. We're a producer of modern, high quality cars and that is why we've chosen a place reflecting these qualities - said Wojciech Szyszko, Managing Director at Kia Motors Polska.

Kia Motors has begun operation in Poland in year 1995. In the beginning it operated under the name of PB Motors and in september 1997 the company changed its name to Kia Motors Polska Sp. z o.o. (KMP). The company is 100% Korean-owned.

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