Lufthansa Systems' new office

OPERA Office building
OPERA Office building
OPERA Office building in Gdańsk has been chosen as a new headquarters for Lufthansa Systems. The company rented over 3 500 sq. m. of office area.


The construction of OPERA Office is pretty much finished right now. All thet remains to be done are the lessees' individual area arrangements. We're proud that renowned global companies have put their faith in us - said Mikołaj Konopka, vice president of the board in EURO STYL, owner of OPERA Office investment in Gdańsk.

The transaction's realization is being handled by Jones Lang LaSalle. Magdalena Reńska, Gdańsk Branch Manager at Jones Lang Lasalle says: We predict that by the time it recieves the permission to use ( august 2012), the building should be rented out in around 90%. Apart from Lufthansa Systems Poland company, the building is going to house offices of such companies as KPMG, Lloyd’s Register, Raiffeisen Bank Polska and BSJP chambers.

OPERA Office is going to offer around 7 500 m2 of modern office area for rent. The office investment will consist of two wings - a four-floor A section with around 700 m2 on each floor and a three-storey B section with a floor area of around 1000 m2. The building has a characteristic green patio, covered by old trees, preserved on the construction grounds, alluding to nearby Park Steffensa. OPERA Office building is situated on Aleja Zwycięstwa in Gdańsk.

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