30 % of Plac Unii's office area rented out.

Plac Unii, office-retail complex's, Galeria Miejska has been rented out in over 65 %, one and a half year before it's opening.

We have already rented out 30% of office area and 65 % of retail area. - says Monika Kalinowska, Liebrecht & wooD's Account Manager. Apart from the office area, amounting to 41 000 m2, Plac Unii is also going to house Galeria Miejska with an area of 15 500 m2.

In regards to retail area's renting strategy, Marc Lebbe, Liebrecht & wooD's member of the Board commented: Our strategy assumes, that the remaining 35 % of retail area shall be dedicated to luxurious and premium products. We intend to further increase Plac Unii's Galeria Miejska's offer by a few brands completely new on polish market, which I hope will underline our centre's uniqueness.

Galeria Miejska at the junction of Mokotów and Sródmieście is a retail-service building. The building's construction work's end and the grand opening of Plac Unii are planned for october 2013. 

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