GTC sells Platinium Business Park

On June 15, 2012 parnerships from GTC Group and Allianz Real Estate Group signed an initial sales contract concenring the buildings of Platinium Business Park.

In the initial sales contract signed today partnerships from the joint-stock company Globe Trade Center Group commited themselves to sell five buildings of Platinium Business Park located in Warsaw for 173 million euro. The transaction will bring GTC 60 million euro in cash. Signing the final sales contract is planned to take place in the second half of the year. The transaction was signed with the capitalization rate of 6,7 per cent.

Alain Ickovics, the Chairman of GTC’s Supervisory Board, said: “60 million euro constitute one third of the net sum of 180 million euro we are planning to raise in accordance with the three-year financial forecast.

The total renal space of the sold buildings encompasses about 56 000 square metres. It is also possible to extend Globe Trade Center adding the 6th building that will provide the rental space of about 13 000 squre metres.

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