ECO Power from sun? It pays off!


Photovoltaic panels can be a perfect way to develop roofs of office buildings
Photovoltaic panels can be a perfect way to develop roofs of office buildings
Already now, taking into account existing legal regulations, investing in photovoltaic panels means money well invested. Introducing the Renewable Energy Sources Act next year will raise profitability of this type of installation even more.

Photovoltaic installations are currently one of the most popular renewable energy sources. Developers who decide to create modern office spaces based on green solutions, among other things invest in photovoltaic panels. Together with the increasing interest in green construction, the popularity of photovoltaics is raising too. Panels are an ideal solution for roof development in office buildings. Office buildings quite often have a lot of space at their disposal, which in fact increases the possibility to instal more panels.

Poland has the ideal conditions

In the opinion of Mr Average installing photovoltaic panels is a solution which is not profitable due to the climate of our country. Nothing could be further from the truth! It turns out that in one hour sun's rays reach the Earth, the value of which is equal to the total energy needs of the human population in six months. In Poland, there are on average 1300 to 1600 hours in a year when the average insolation is above 1000 W/m2. What does it mean in practice? Poland has one of the best conditions for the use of solar energy in this part of Europe. The attractiveness of obtaining energy from the sun is going to increase after the Renewable Energy Sources Act enters into force. The Act will primarily support the domestic production of energy from renewable sources and at the same time it will be an incentive for those who are planning to allocate resources in new generating capacity.

The roofs of office buildings can be used better

Nevertheless, photovoltaic panels are not yet as popular as with our western neighbours; experts point out, however,the awareness of this issue among the Poles is increasing. - A stimulating factor is first and foremost the prospect of savings.  The use of photovoltaic systems in office buildings is essential, because most roofs are not developed, and these surfaces can be used - says Piotr Pajdo, the owner of PVTEC Poland, which is the first Polish manufacturer of photovoltaic panels, located in Ostrow, near Tarnow. The company already has has facade panels in its portfolio for the office building at Chlodna street in Warsaw. Already today we frequently instal solar thermal collectors systems, which heat up water but here we have to mention that these solar system only give us profits when it comes to production of hot water, whereas photovoltaic systems are a far better solution, as with the electricity from the sun you can either heat the water or and use it for other purposes, such as office lighting and other facilities - says the PVTEC owner.

To meet the needs of office users you have to calculate the roof space of the building and the demand for energy. Often, the roof space of ​​the building does not cover the demand, especially in multi-storey buildings, but the installation of the photovoltaic system still greatly reduces costs of energy, which in the long-term of using such a system generates significant savings, especially if we take into account increasing energy prices.

- The surface of buildings, especially roofs, are unused and usually there are no deas of to develop them. Sometimes, the investor has problems with the development of such roof spaces, and also with spaces sometimes around the property, so photovoltaics fits perfectly here. It adds charm to the architecture and it is profitable - underlines Pajdo. - Interest in photovoltaics is growing day by day. Currently, according to a survey 80 percent of the society supports renewable energy photovoltaic systems.

PVTEC, which already has sold out half of the production in 2013, perfectly illustrates the interest in this unconventional source of energy. Among others, AGH Krakow is thinking about installation of phortovoltaic panels and their are now negotiating with PVTEC. Perhaps this company will be a contractor in 2013.


RES Act will change a lot


Another incentive is the introduction of the above-mentioned Renewable Energy Sources Act, which will radically change the profitability of investing in photovoltaic systems. If this Act enters into force, the period of waiting for refund for photovoltaic installations will last up to 5 years, and not - as it is today - 10 years.


- This Act definitely simplifies procedures for tying such systems to the network and guarantes stable energy prices and reception of energy for 15 years. Most investors are waiting for this law, however, there are many who invest already today, knowing that the introduction of this Act is inevitable, because as a member of the European Union we are obliged to introduce it. Today Poland pays 2mln PLN of penalty each month for not having introduced it yet. By comparison, Germany installed 1 900 MW photovoltaic systems in the first quarter of this year, whereas in Poland we so far have about 3 MW; there is enormous gap between us - admits Piotr Pajdo.

According to the plans, the RES Act will enter into force in January 2013.

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