Amazing design of WTC complex in China

UNStudio won the competition to design YongJia World Trade Center, a new office and residential complex which will be created in the city of Wenzhou in China.

World Trade Center will be created in Wenzhou which is located off the south-eastern coast of China, near the Yangtze River Delta. The complex will combine residential, office, commercial and entertainment functions. 

UnStudio won the competition to design that unique investment. The firm presented five buildings 146 to 287 meters high. The northern part of the complex will be occupied by office towers with exclusive apartments on the top floors. Residential buildings and a hotel tower will be situated in the southern part. Total space set up in the project amounts to 500 000 square meters out of which 160 000 square meters will be occupied by office space, 150 000 square meters - commercial space, 140 000 square meters - residential space and 50 000 square meters of hotel space. 

The complex will be situated on a green plateau which will become the background for the harmonious composition of towers. The aim of the project was to integrate the buildings in the surroundings and at the same time retain the integrity of the complex. Between the buildings there is public space for the inhabitants and meeting places for the clients and staff of the offices. From  the open space people will enjoy view on the river and central Wenzhou.

According to the design the complex will be divided into different theme zones set in the landscape, the zones will relate to cultural and entertainment functions. Lower storeys of all buildings will serve as multifunctional and lively space. Higher parts will be characterised by more privacy. Thanks to such division the needs of the inhabitants, guests and businessmen will be met. 

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