A Facebook profile as modern business card

Polish people upload data and photos to social networking websites more and more carefully.

Recently the Poles were, just after the Brazilians, the most eager to put private information and photos in the Internet. Currently we can observe moving from that trend. There is more awareness, that a profile on social networking website can be a business card, accessible to the wide audience, including potential employers or business partners.

Our image rights are legally protected. When our pictures are used by a third party in any way, it can have legal consequences, but this is only in theory – says Piotr Bucki of Gdansk School of Banking. The web has a disadvantage because it is difficult to follow someone's track, it is also difficult to seek compensation. Sometimes it turns out that harm to oug image is great, but seeking compensation will not give us much. Maybe only satisfaction, plus long trial hours – he adds.

It is extremely important to protects one's privacy when using social networking websites. We have to think if it is worth to put given information or photo in the Internet and if it will not cause harm to our image. All these things give information about us, are an extension of our CV, are a way of communicating with the world – stresses Piotr Bucki.

As the expert notes, a few years ago the Poles were second only to Brazilians when it came to the biggest carelessness while publishing private information in the Internet. Now the situation is changing - we still share private information with family and friends, but we take care to make that information accessible only to specific people. I notice a very positive trend, especially among young people - they more and more often rigorously set their privacy settings, which is good. I hardly ever see profiles, in which you can freely access all the information – says Piotr Bucki.

When running our profile on a website such as Facebook, we have to remember to set pivacy settings appropriately. It is important to check them regularly, as social networking websites change them once in a while. Changes are implemented all the time. You have to monitor them and check how the privacy settinga have changed – affirms Gdansk School of Banking expert.

Along with the development of mobile devices market, it is also worth to think about our security when we are using this mode of communication. Check how the publishing of data works from mobile devices. It may turn out that all the photographs uploaded to Facebook using Instagram are freely accessible – says Piotr Bucki.

It is worth to remember, that social media can be helpful when looking for a job. Recruitment companies and employers more and more often check the candidate's profile before making the decision. If this is a person new to the job market, it would be good if the information passed on something interesting, good, important about the person. I note rising awareness of that I know people, who have great Facebook profiles. They can wonderfully use for example a profile picture to show their personality –  comments the expert.

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