Can you detach yourself from work?

Polish people more and more often work also during their vacation. Are we becoming workaholics?

Regus company, an international provider of solutions for elastic office space, has conducted a research, concerning 26,000 professionals from over 90 countries asking them about plans for work during summer vacation. The results of the research show that many business people cannot imagine vacation without business calls. Many of the Polish workers have the same opinion.

Globally, 41% of the respondents have admitted, that during vacation they devote from one to three hours daily to work. 39% plans to work on the level similar to standard work course during the vacation. They plan for the work to be slightly less absorbing, which means picking up the phone, checking e-mail and taking care of the most important affairs. 17% of the respondents will work more than 3 hours a day.

What is the situation in Poland? It is slightly below global average: 24% of people plan to work during the vacation, while reducing the number of tasks ver slightly. 35% of the entrepreneurs plan to work 1-3 hours a day, and only 4% of the respondents plan to work over 3 hours a day.

The research shows, that women are better at detaching from work. According to the data of Regus, 42% of male respondents and 34% of female respondents are doing official business similarly to their daily work. 44% of men are working 1-3 hours a day, while among women this proportion is on the level of 35%.

People in the whole world are treating their work very seriously. It is probably caused by current economic difficulties. Polish people are not an exception among employees, who devote much of their holidays to work. This is surely good for the company, but it is clear that even the busiest entrepreneurs need to rest properly. Reaching balance between work and private lives is very important - but, as it turns out, many Polish workers ignores that – sums up Maciej Skórski, Country Manager Regus in Poland.

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