Pizza, or a home-made dinner - what do we eat at work?

E-commerce market is on the rise, also in the case of gastronomical sector. The Poles increasingly decide to on-line shopping instead of preparing meals at home.

On-line shopping has become very popular recently, that is why more and more people decide to choose this way to order a meal. Restaurants as well as websites working as brokers have recorded a growing interest among the internauts. The Poles have already learnt to eat outside, they have also learnt to order – says Piotr Łagowski, Foodpanda Poland’s managing director. About 12,5-16 per cent of all orders in Poland are taken via mobile applications, globally, it is nearly 20 per cent. I think this number will increase to more than 60 per cent within three years.

Why do we decide to buy meals online? First of all, it means time saving and convenience. What the Poles also like very much, are detailed information about products and a wide variety of them. Usually, meals are ordered between noon and 3 PM, as well as between 6 PM and 8 PM.  

Increasingly, Polish people prefer Asian cuisine than pizza. In, it represents 27 per cent of all the orders. Italian cuisine is on the second place with 26 per cent, while our own is located on third position. Burgers are becoming very popular as well.

How much do we pay for ordering meals online? Joint price of a meal depends on how many people want to order it. Usually, there are two persons, and an average price is about 40 PLN, a usual one for two lunches. However, when burgers are taken into account, a price increases to about 80 PLN – says Piotr Łagowski.

Usually, the Poles make their final decision about what to eat at the last moment. When we already have a list of restaurants in front of us, we choose the one that we want right now, not the one that we wanted at the beginning of our search. It is normal that someone who types “Chinese cuisine” or “Vietnamese cuisine”, eventually choose Polish meals, and someone who types “sushi”, eventually choose a burger –’s director comments

What kind of diet is recommended by the specialists while being at work? First of all, we should eat on regular basis, in every 3-4 hours, which guarantees a stable level of glucose in our organism and improve metabolism. It is also very significant to have a balanced breakfast, and drink mineral water, especially still one. During dinner time, we should replace fast foods with a healthy fruit or vegetable salad – we can prepare it at home, or buy. Experts also recommend eating lean meat and soups. 

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