Moving to new headquarter – trouble or unique opportunity?


Office Skanska in Washington
Office Skanska in Washington
Changing the company's headquarters is a challenge. Choosing a location and a suitable arrangement of the new space require deliberate action. We advise how to choose the best location and properly arrange the office.

Ecology and efficiency - they go hand in hand

Choosing a new office for his company should pay attention to several aspects. First - ecology and energy efficiency. Top consider renting space in the so-called green office buildings certified by BREEAM, LEED, DGNB or MINERGIE. Energy-saving, headlights daylight, equipped with modern ventilation and air conditioning systems not only improve comfort (and therefore also the efficiency of employees), but will also affect the reduction of operating costs. Perfectly illustrate the results of a study conducted by Herschong Mahone Group, which indicate that access to daylight reduces the duration of redundancies health of three days during the year, and proper ventilation increases efficiency by 11 percent.

For representatives of generation Millenium office is not just a job, but also a significant part of their lives. It must therefore correspond to their needs and beliefs, including ecology occupies a special place. Therefore, the work in the company implementing the strategy of sustainable development, including by an establishment in a modern, green building is important for them. This confirms OXYGENZ study conducted by Johnson Controls, in which up to 96 percent of respondents aged 18 to 25 years said the expectations of the future workplace - confirms Anna Mikolajczyk, Vice President Mikomax Smart Office.

Center or periphery?

Also important is the location of the office building. Verify that it creates the right conditions for the corporate fleet. The key is the number of parking spaces and the possibility of enhancing it in the future. Note also, how the location of the office will influence the quality of the execution by the employee’s tasks. For example, city centers are characterized by the relative proximity of the offices and public institutions, but also large traffic jams during peak hours. Relocation of headquarter to a prestigious location on the main street will help build her brand, but it can adversely affect the efficiency of the sales representatives, traveling each day by car for a couple of meetings offsite - says Bartlomiej Debski, CEO of the Polish branch of Cartrack, one of the global leaders GPS monitoring supports around the world, more than 500 thousand vehicles.

Arrangement - an important stop on the road to success

In a study by Mikomax Smart Office 65 percent persons employed in the Polish companies providing modern services for business, indicated that the appearance and organization of the workplace are important, with less than 20 percent of them agree with the statement that the current office supports him in the effective action. On the other hand, from the analysis of Cushman & Wakefield shows that 56 percent companies planning to move considering changes in the arrangement of offices, trusting that it will better team effectiveness. This is confirmed by Zuzanna Mikolajczyk, Brand Director and Member of the Board Mikomax Smart Office stating that: moving to a new office and its optimal arrangement can generate a significant increase in the productivity of the team, which will translate into business effect.

In search of new space for the company, you have to take into account its specificity, looking at this in the future at least a few years, during which the number of employees and the way they work may change. A good solution it may be so-called flexible office space incorporating new trends: more and more popular in Poland, flexible working, remote working, as well as the concept of Activity-Based Workplace representing the office divided into zones, for example working and creative work that requires concentration, each of which can be decorated differently. An area of ​​open space should be equipped with desks with partitions that help the employee better focus on their tasks. Important are also the colors - yellow can promote integration and orange affect creativity. Furnishing a space can not be overlooked area dedicated to relaxation - more and more PR agency equips them for example tables for Ping-Pong and darts.

Company's DNA

The office should be tailored to the needs of employees. To properly recognize them, use the help of professional companies dealing with adaptation of office space. Each company has its own unique DNA, which is why standard solutions such as. Open space, not in every case the check - says Zuzanna Mikolajczyk. Different needs with respect to office space are, after all, even in the various branches of the same organization. Understanding these individual circumstances is essential to optimize office space. Therefore, to analyze the expectations and needs of individual companies use independent research tool. Online survey, which filling takes about 11 minutes, allows you to gather the opinions of employees of even the largest organizations on activities that frequently take while in office, the extent to which workplace supports them in the implementation of these actions and expectations as to appearance and arrangement of corporate space - explains Zuzanna Mikolajczyk.

It is worth remembering that the change of the location of businesses creates a number of new possibilities: better planning of office space, the implementation of new solutions and, finally, the opportunity to arrange the office in a manner consistent with global trends and, above all, effectively supporting employees in achieving business goals.

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