Industrial office under a cloud


The new European headquarters of SoundCloud is located in Factory Berlin, and stands out for its original design.

The headquarters of SoundCloud, the main tenant of the Berlin Factory, covers 2910 sqm. surface and is an office for employees representing more than 30 nationalities from all over the world. Besides this surface, the company also occupied surface of approx. 400 sqm. for further development and a smaller building (with an area of 740 sqm.) in the complex.


The new headquarters of the company reflects the musical spirit of SoundCloud - social platform that allows presentation of works by the artists and their mutual commenting. The office in Berlin is a recording studio and professional AV equipment to raise a musical creativity in the company and enable the work of musicians.


The new location is a place of work for 200 people, dealing with, i.a. engineering, graphics, finance, law or HR. Surface occupied by SoundCloud will be available to local organisations to strengthen cooperation among the communities concerned technologies in Berlin.


The interior of headquarters was designed from the ground in such a way as to meet all the needs of the company. The project was developed by an architectural studio Kinzo, under the supervision of Kelly Robinson. An interesting element of the arrangement is the fireplace, surrounded by blue seats, which encourages a moment of rest. An office is dominated by shades of gray, beige, brown, white, as well as stronger accents, mostly blue and yellow. A characteristic detail in the reception area is a wooden cloud - logo of SoundCloud.

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