Difficult occupation – assistant of the management board


Two factors which matter in work as an assistant are occupational competences and soft skills – among them communicational and organizational abilities, the ability to make a gradation of priorities during organizing tasks, and personality characteristics.

The position of an assistant of the management board is not the same as a secretary. The person who supports the management board and the most important people in the company has definitely much more tasks to perform. We may say that he is the right hand of the boss – explains Agnieszka Czapska, consultant in Hays Poland company, who realized the research concerning competences and personality characteristics of assistants of the management board.

One of the most essential abilities in the profession of an assistant of the management board is a communicational ability (67 per cent of respondents indicated this answer) and easy writing – after all the assistant is responsible for preparation of documentation and correspondence, participates in board meetings and writes summaries.


First and foremost, good organization of work is crucial among personality characteristics of a candidate for the position of an assistant of the management board. Assistants are responsible for carrying out a calendar of the superior, they have to plan each day and various activities in every detail which concern not only the chairman of the board, but also other members. The resistance to stress is also important because he has to deal with numerous duties in short time – says Agnieszka Czapska. Moreover, the ability to gradate priorities, assertiveness as well as flexibility in solving problems, ability to cooperation and establish relations with the superior are also useful in work. Personality characteristics and soft skills are more difficult to examine than experience, and the chemistry is something that must work – judges Agnieszka Czapska.


In the profession of an assistant, the knowledge of computer programs and foreign languages is also necessary. The candidate for this position should have higher education, at least on the bachelor level.


The best candidates earn from 8 to 10 thousand zlotys, and in prestigious companies the wages reach even 12 thousand zlotys.


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