The newest case studies in the area of FM

During the International Congress, which took place last week, RICS Facility Management presented the newest review of case studies in the area of FM.

The review of RICS case studies constitutes a collection of practices from the area of a property strategic management (FM), explains what strategic Facilities Management is and also how to use its rules in small, medium and large enterprises in order to increase their effectiveness.


The first 6 case studies were developed by RICS in April 2014 in order to present how to combine FM with other areas of an organization so to provide the source of a real added value. In actual edition, RICS puts its emphasis on professionalization of FM in such areas as:

  • application of BIM to increase innovativeness of property management;
  • management’s integration of assets and liabilities of a public health service in order to increase its efficiency and flexibility;
  • influence of an innovative pro-partnership’s attitude to well-being of employees;
  • importance of client’s understanding in property management;
  • transformation of services which are being provided in the area of property management;
  • influence of the general standard of living on the improvement of FM image.


The improvement of patients’ state of health, design of an optimal retail clients’ structure, increase of employees’ engagement or management of a change have been not linguistically related with professionals in Facility Management earlier. However, the world is changing and the influence, impact and strategic meaning of FM to the organization obtain more and more meaning on its highest management level – says Rory Murphy FRICS, commercial director in VINCI Facilities, member of the board in a professional RICS group dedicated to FM. Companies achieving the greatest successes noticed that FM is not only a transaction which demands an adequate management and generates costs, but the way in which we create, maintain and manage perfect places to live and work has a fundamental impact on clients’ satisfaction, achieved profits, employee’s engagement and general state of education and health – adds Rory Murphy FRICS.


The document is another publication of RICS dedicated to strategic FM, after a published in 2012 global RICS report titled “Raising the Bar: Enhancing The Strategic Role of FM”, which presented FM as a strategic field of management, and publication from 2014: “Raising the Bar: City Roundtables Report”, in which there are some recommendation of concrete activities.

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