Inspiring Christmas trees from around the world

Christmas tree made from Lego in Łódź Manufaktura
Christmas tree made from Lego in Łódź Manufaktura
Decorated Christmas trees constitute an integral part of Christmas. Creative and uncommon approach to the tree may create a magical atmosphere and help in realization of totally different – for instance marketing – aims. We are presenting few interesting ideas.


21 meters of Swarovski crystals


We may find boutiques of the most luxury global brands in the Lafayette Gallery in Paris. On the centenary of a secessionist dome which crowns the building, an amazing 21-meter high tree was placed. It was decorated with 120 Swarovski crystals in the form of diamonds. The base of the construction was a blinding chandelier made from five thousand small jewels. It was the largest structure built with the usage of Swarovski crystals from the moment of the company’s establishment in 1895 in Europe.


On bicycles


In Joy City Shopping Mall in a Chinese Shenyang city in 2011, a 12-meter Christmas tree made from 320 bicycles was placed. Moreover, there were a dozen or so stationary facilities to exercise around the tree. In order the lights would flare up, guests of the shopping mall had to power it with the work of their own muscles. The problem of the people who engaged in the activity was the fact that they were sitting back to back with the Christmas tree. Therefore, the result of their effort was only noticeable for other clients of the shopping mall.


The similar idea was realized in 2012 in Tczewo!


In recycling service


In the same year in Hanoi, a tree made from 2500 old telephones was placed. Its authors were employees from Westcom Electronics who wanted to attract the attention of the shopping mall’s guests to the problem of electrical waste which threatens the natural environment. According to originators’ calculation, 50 million of damaged cellphones with the total mass of 400 tones are thrown away in Vietnam every year while a considerable part of materials from which they were made may be reused.


One of the independent energy supplier in Lithuania publicized his own services within some project. Therefore, he did good to a local community and showed care about the natural environment needs. How? He funded a 13-meter Christmas tree in 2011 in Kowno which was placed in one of the city squares. Moreover, the tree was made from 2-liter plastic 32 bottles. The fairy-tale construction was to show the inhabitants how many possibilities offers the recycling and usage of seemingly unnecessary materials. Furthermore, there was a 4-kilometer long line of lights powered by energy from renewable resources on the tree.



Lego not only under the Christmas tree


Probably Lego is one of the most often wanted presents by children. Łódź Manufaktura convinced everyone about their unlimited construction possibilities. In front of the entrance to the gallery, a tree totally developed and decorated with Lego was placed. It is composed of over 200 thousand elements and the decorations were designed and made by children. It is the first construction of such type in Poland, however, similar initiatives were held in the world. The highest one was placed in St. Pancras station in Lodon. It was 12-meter high and its process of building took 600 thousand bricks and over one month of specialists’ work who are professionally engaged in Lego constructions.

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