What can we set off against tax?


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A hot settlement period is coming to a close. Therefore, it is worth thinking about tax reliefs and people who are entitled to them.

Internet tax relief


Internet tax relief is treated as a disappearing one. The number of people who are entitled to it is relatively smaller because this tax may be used only for two following years and only people who have not used it before are entitled to it. Within Internet tax relief, a taxpayer may set off an amount which not exceeds 760 zlotys against tax.


Construction and residential tax relief


Construction and residential tax reliefs are intended for people who have so called acquired rights and did not make any deductions in previous years because they did not have enough income or tax for this purpose.


Rehabilitation tax relief


It is a tax relief which has been functioning for years and taxpayers eagerly use it. It is addressed to disabled as well as people who have dependent sick people. The most common rehabilitation tax reliefs concern the purchase of medicines, usage of a passenger car, stay in a sanatorium and purchase of individual tools and equipment necessary to perform every-day life activities – explains Małgorzata Sator from Warszawa-Wola tax office.


It is worth remembering that the choice of taxation (individual or marital) does not limit completely our right to tax relief and its amount. These rules are strictly related to us and our incomes and not with the form in which we settle. Of course, there are some deductions which do not appertain to people who benefit from taxation in the certain forms of lump-sum tax, for instance, a tax card, recorded revenues lump-sum or flat rate tax, but it all concerns business activity – points out Małgorzata Sator.

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