Why there will be no metro in Cracow?

Main Square in Cracow
Main Square in Cracow
While the second line of Warsaw rail started its transport of passengers, the plans concerning the construction of the subway system in the capital of Little Poland have no chance for realization.

According to Adrian Furgalski from TOR Economic Advisor Team, the building of metro in other cities of Poland is not real. The best answer to the question if plans concerning the building of the subway system in other cities are possible is providing the cost of such an investment – says Furgalski. The construction of all lines in Cracow, which are envisaged by planners, may cost even 25 billion zlotys – adds Furgalski.


Therefore, can Warsaw actually afford metro? The budget of the capital, that is 14 billion zlotys, is higher than the budget of Cracow. Additionally, the great part of financing investment came from subsidies provided by the EU. The average of people who use the first line of Warsaw metro every day is over half a million. The capital has to pay extra to this means of transport over 300 million zlotys every year. In comparison, Cracow spends 400 million zlotys annually on the functioning of communication. A certain idea concerning the greater frequency of tram lines in traffic hours was estimated at 20 million zlotys, however, no means were found on its realization.


Will the capital of Little Poland find several hundred million zlotys annually to maintain a metro? I think that not really – convinces Furgalski. – The president of Wrocław Rafał Dutkiewicz fairly commented this issue before last municipal elections. Fortunately, he did not promise anybody a subway system. According to him, it is comparatively easy to conduct such investment because even 80 per cent of means may be obtained from the EU. However, a certain question arises – how to maintain this form of transport in the future?


As Adrian Furgalski points out, it would be reasonable in case of Cracow to consider whether the existing system of communication is finished and whether it works optimally. – I believe that the answer is negative in both cases – comments Furgalski. Even if it would be true, the tram communication can certainly be improved by enhancing its frequency of running, especially in rush hours. It is commonly known that the agglomeration railway will be developed in the capital of Little Poland in the nearest future. Therefore, it is worth considering the way of combing all of these factors in one transport system.


8,5 billion zlotys from the EU budget have supported the building of Warsaw metro so far. Moreover, 4 billion zlotys will be intended for another three stations of the second line of metro as well as new trains and development of a base in Kabaty within the territorial contract of a new EU perspective till 2019. The means for further years, that is till 2022, include 3,84 billion zlotys intended for rolling stock and extension of tunnels by two stations, that is up to Powstańców Śląskich Street in Bemowo district, and by three to Bródno. The building of 11 stops of the second line of the underground railway is planned within a new EU perspective.


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