It is easier to hire a student from abroad


New regulations concerning the employment of foreign students on full-time studies are going to come into force from 1st May. At present, the students from abroad can work for the whole year without obtaining a special permit.

The students from abroad could have worked in Poland without the necessity of obtaining a permit only during three holiday weeks before the amendment’s introduction. The extension of this period required the obtainment of a certain permit by an employer. The obtained permit concerned only a particular post.


The regulations which were introduced a couple of days ago allow the foreigners to work in Poland for the whole validity period of a student visa, that is through the whole year. The change concerns all students on full-time and the first-, second- and third-cycle studies as well as graduate studies who stay in Poland on the basis of their student visas. Moreover, it has been decided earlier that those who live in Poland on the basis of a temporary residence permit do not have to obtain a work permit.


In accordance with our strategy of internationalization of the tertiary education, which is currently being realized, we would like to encourage even more foreign students to study in Poland. The number of them increases every year but it is still low in comparison to other countries of the European Union. The educational offer is really important but many foreign students also want to gain experience in Polish companies. The new regulations give such a possibility and they will be a great incentive to study in Poland – believes the minister of science prof Lena Kolarska-Bobińska.


At present, ca. 46 thousand foreign students get the education on the Polish universities. The number increased by 10 thousand in comparison to last year. The students are inhabitants from 158 countries.


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