Young employees – what rights do they have?


A lot of teenagers look for a part-time job during holidays. Thanks to them, employers complete vacancies resulting from vacations of a company's personnel. What exactly are the rules concerning employment of children?

According to the law, a young person (16-18 years old) in Poland may be employed only in the form of a vocational education and if the aim is different – only to light works. Moreover, they have to finish a junior high school and have a medical certificate confirming that all duties do not threaten their health.  


In most cases, children under 16 cannot be employed. This law concerns only organizations which conduct cultural, artistic, advertising and sport activities. A permit of a parent or a legal guardian is necessary as well as permit of an occupational inspection.  


Alicja Biernat from EIR Legal Alicja Biernat reminds that underage people cannot work longer than 6 hours per day and they cannot be employed in overtime as well as in nighttime. They also have a longer twenty-four-hours' relaxation period (14 hours) and longer week relaxation period (48 hours) – informs the lawyer. 


Young employees do not have to perform preliminary, periodical and control research. An employer is obliged to conduct a record of those people. 


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