How to quit your job?


Decision about changing your job is certainly not the easiest one, especially when you have been working in a particular company for several years. The fact of informing your employer about such a decision is not enough. So, what should be done in order to leave your job in a friendly atmosphere?

Uneasy decision


In times of great mobility among employees, change of work is something normal. Everyone has experienced it at least once in their working life. However, decision about leaving your present employer and moving into a new company is never easy. It is important to make both sides feel comfortable in this process, no matter if the initiative is on the side of employer or employee – says Agnieszka Tarko Team Leader, Hays Poland in Poznań. – However, if an employee makes a decision about occupational development within another company, they have to be aware that the final talk with a present employer is equally important as job interview – adds. The process of changing your job should be conducted in a proper way. The question is how to do it?   


Talk in a company 


First and foremost, a present employer should be informed about your decision and they should know all reasons for doing so. It is also important to talk with an employee of the HR department and then with collaborators. Hiding information about leaving your current job till the last day may have a negative influence on your opinion and it may be a cause of some rumors in the team.  


Order in duties 


Moreover, it is also crucial to take care about a good quality of projects and ending with all long-overdue issues and duties so that the person who takes the post would not have to catch up the backlog and could concentrate on performance of new duties. If it is necessary, all crucial information and knowledge should be handed over to a new employee because they are essential to a proper performance of duties.


Engagement till the last moment


Perspective of changing a job may lead to decrease in engagement of an employee in performing of foregoing duties. Undoubtedly, its level should remain the same till the end. Full concentration till the last day in a company brings respect among colleagues and makes that leaving employee is well-remembered – points out Agnieszka Tarko.


Contact with former collaborators 


It is worth maintaining colleague relations with former collaborators after moving to a new job. Total loss of contacts with people from the former company is not profitable considering their opinions, sympathy and respect. One phone call, coffee or visit in the former work place can be enough to maintain good relations.  


Change of work for a new one is a certain process which should be well-planned and conducted in a proper way. One of its crucial elements is leaving your former employer and collaborators in a friendly atmosphere.  


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