Office based on the idea of active-based working


Office modelled on a garden, pic TeamBank AG / easyCredit
Headquarters of easyCredit, pic Christian Beutler
A new headquarters of the German easyCredit company reflects the values and operating philosophy of the enterprise. It is a place adjusted to the needs of employees which provides comfortable working conditions.

A new registered office of easyCredit – a German expert in the area of consumer credits – is located in Nuremberg. Over 700 people work in the office with the size of 15 000 sq. m. Moreover, Swiss Evolution Design studio was responsible for its arrangement and the project of the office structure was devised by Austrian Baumschlager Eberle architectural company. Simple and modest solid of the building reflects the values and visions of easyCredit and the interior refers to the openness propagated by the company.


The conception of the arrangement of office area envisaged creation of an innovative work environment presenting the main objective of the organization, that is becoming of an innovator and trendsetter in the German banking sector. 


Unique work place


At designing of the headquarters of easyCredit, the greatest challenge was the transformation from the tradition work environment with divided offices to the idea of active-based working – that is division of the office into zones intended for performance of different tasks. In result, there are separated zones in the headquarters of the company – „Homezones” and „Meet & Create Zones”. The first one is composed of different combinations of rooms designed to meet the needs of employees resulting from the specifics of every-day duties. „Meet & Create Zones” is a motor of creativity and innovations and thus it is composed of many informal rooms and special zones dedicated to e.g. work requiring concentration. 


City-like office 


The internal functional organization of the building refers to the idea of a city which consists in a lively kitchen with coffee corner, „housing estate” with divided individual zones for work creating „local community” among employees and presence in the internal ring of the „Meet & Create Zones” building. All these public zones are part of the conception of the city with „parks” and „street stages” aimed at initiation of informal and accidental meetings. 


Inspiring work environment 


Another crucial element is the conception of identity and brand of the company. The areas in the whole building were designed in such a way to refer to the vision and culture of easyCredit. In result, a place where the company and employees may find an inspiring environment reflecting a special spirit of the organization and enabling them a strong identification with a new headquarters propagating justice, team work and internal communication was realized.


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