A company with no Internet site – is it even possible?

According to the report titled „Micro and small companies in the Internet 2015”, over 20 per cent of small and medium companies do not have their own Internet site.

At present, a website is a necessary condition. Many people use it in order to search for some information about a certain enterprise as well as its offer. In result, the lack of website may be also closely related to e.g. low interest in a product or purchaser' service. Polish entrepreneurs are slowly noticing that the fact of having an own website has an impact on increase in number of clients and thus great profits for a company. It indicates that a website is more and more often treated as a tool for a direct sale – says Radosław Dudek, nazwa.pl.


According to the report titled Micro and small companies in the Internet 2015 devised by nazwa.pl, Polish micro and small entrepreneurs enumerate easier contact with contractors (65 per cent of respondents) and increase in company's credibility (63 per cent of the researched enterprises) among main assets of the presence in the Internet. In spite of this fact, the great majority of organizations do not use the potential of the Internet. A lot of entrepreneurs still do not care about the presence in the Internet. The establishment of a website by a company is still associated with a process which requires a lot of work, it is time-consuming and generates costs – explains Dudek.


The most frequently reason for not having a website given by half of all respondents is not enough time for creating it. Another one is fear of costs related to its launching (37 per cent of enterprises) and lack of knowledge concerning principles of creating a company's website (30 per cent). The biggest asset for companies to create their own website is a low price and possibility of using ready solutions. 38 per cent of the respondents would create a website if someone else did it for them and every fourth entrepreneur would invest in the Internet service if it took less time – enumerates Radosław Dudek. 


In practice, the creation of a website does not have to be time-consuming. There are some companies on the market which offer proper tools and shorten the time of creation of a website. However, it is worth mentioning about proper amount of contents available on it. As it turns out, companies often give too much information on their websites as well as graphics or even music files which extend the time of charging and may discourage potential clients.


The most important information available on each company's website is personal data such as telephone number, e-mail or presentation of a company's offer. Moreover, a crucial element is also location of a company along with an attached map. Such information is enough in order potential clients could know the company's activity and then establish a contact with it.

Undoubtedly, a company's website is a necessity in the present era of the Internet. The process of its creation is not complicated at all. However, it is important to remember about a proper project and contents available on it. Well arranged website may be a business card in the eyes of both potential clients and contractors.


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