Technology parks: a bridge between business and science environment


Eureka Technology Park in Dąbrowa near Poznań
Eureka Technology Park in Dąbrowa near Poznań
Technology parks are becoming more and more popular among Polish entrepreneurs. What are the advantages of this phenomenon for local communities?

Technology parks – the popularity of which is increasing year by year – are an important instrument aimed at support of innovative enterprises. At the same time it is a fundamental instrument of a modern development policy at local and regional levels, which is based on cooperation between local authorities and institutions of support for entrepreneurs, as well as science and business environment. Technology parks are established mainly on the initiative of local authorities. They are aimed at concentration of business potential in the region and they contribute to development of small and medium enterprises. Hence, new work places are created.


What is the difference between technology parks, which are chosen by more and more companies for their offices, and office area in offices? Technology parks provide companies with a proper space for running a business – they are not only office areas but also warehouses or production halls, which constitutes the first difference. Moreover, they make accompanying services available to their tenants. Among them there are e.g. support in the area of marketing or accountancy, mediation in contacts with universities or business environment.


The way to success

In spite of the fact that there is a big demand for such areas, it is worth mentioning that the success of parks depends on different factors because each technology or science and technology park has a different specificity. However, several important elements which constitute the base of an effective functioning of such an institution may be enumerated. Obviously, the important aspects are similar to those which occur in a typical office space: modern architecture of structures, starting with standard according to which a complex was created, and ending with conditions offered by interiors of technology parks to their potential tenants.


Therefore, not wonder that structures created within technology parks are characterized by a high level of execution and their standard is often similar to offices realized in the largest cities. It is worth mentioning that location is supposed to be attractive for employees of enterprises which function on the area of technology parks and it has to be characterized by a big potential of human capital due to that fact that parks are often realized in the neighborhood of universities. Hence, modern technology parks are created in the area of big city agglomerations in spite of the fact that they are aimed at development of local communities. A good example is Science and Technology Park BIG DATA SCIENCE PARK which was realized in Zakrzew located only several kilometers away from Poznań. Technology parks are frequently realized on plots of Special Economic Zones. This group includes, for instance, Eureka Technology Park in Konstantynów Łódzki realized in the Łódź Special Economic Zone.


What are the profits for companies?

The specificity of functioning in technology parks has a direct impact on profits for all companies which decided to locate their headquarters in such buildings. They may count not only on modern infrastructural resources but also on support of experts and simplification of contacts with science or business environment which, in turn, has a direct contribution to development of enterprises and then – the whole region in long-term prospect.


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