ECO Ruczaj-the new centre of Cracow?

The factor that distinguishes Ruczaj from other housing estates are not only greenbelts


Ruczaj has been changing from year to year. The city attracts investments by both domestic and private entepreneours what makes it a new developing district. The factor that distinguishes Ruczaj from other housing estates are not only greenbelts but changing its status as a district. First and foremost, it is not a lieu where you can return after a whole day in a corporation. Ruczaj’s history is short and spans 1990s of 20th century. Authorities aimed at creating city in the city before the regime change. Infrastructure and armament were developed, lay plant to build up the south-eastern part of Cracow. However, by 1989, the city couldn’t realise these projects. Such well-developed infrastructure helped many private enterpreneours to erect modern buildings. The prices of appartments were attractive to prospective residents. Up to 1990s these area was mainly wastelands and meadows but after erecting the first flats of blocks a sudden change of this place occured.


The Campus of Jagiellonian University is of primary importance in Ruczaj. It is said that factors developing its infrastructure make it a sort of city in the city. That conception supports the development of many office buildings localised in the Special Economic Zone Pychowice-Cracow.


The Technological Park of Cracow in the Special Economic Zone rose in October, 1997 because of interest in Pychowice by Motorola Electronics. The Special Economic Zone was based in order to promote economic, infrastructural and organisational development. Thanks to these factors scientifically-exploratory potential of Cracow is possible. The assumption was to develop IT zone and advanced technology, however, due to lack of interest the zone was extended by motorization.


During the 1990s Ruczaj was associated with typical flats of blocks, greengrocers and small services as hairdresser or shoemaker. Nevertheless, the image of that district has changed a lot. Nowadays, it is a new business district that creates more and more opportunities to invest. The proximity of A4 motorway and close access to the centre are great advantages. Needles to say, Ruczaj will be a developing district, there are more and more investments in Pychowice and higher prices of building offices do not discourage enterpreneours. The examples of such development are i.e.: building the track of Fast Train, or reconstruction of Bobrzyńskiego and Grota-Roweckiego Street. Thanks to these investments mobility of inhabitants is enhanced.


In Pychowice there are gathered office building such as Motorola Software Group-Poland, Centre of Data, clerical and laboratory complex of Park-Life Science realised by Innovation Jagiellonian Centre. From May, this year the first building of Green Ofiice has been erected. The complex will be build in an innovative manner with the use of ecologic materials and environmentally friendly solutions. Ruczaj has changed a lot. It used to be an unkempy and suburban district. Nowadays Ruczaj is attracts investments, where development of new segments is facilitated owing to the Special Economic Zone. The factor that distinguishes Ruczaj from other housing estates are also greenbelts. A new centre of Cracow is being created where business does not deny the idea of eco-city in the city.





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