Foundation Act Embedded into Skyliner

Skyliner - Ceremony of Building in the Foundation Act
The ceremony of building in the foundation act was held yesterday in Skyliner. The investment is currently being erected at Rondo Daszyńskiego in Warsaw.

Skyliner is the largest investment of Karimpol Poland in Central and Eastern Europe. The completion is planned within 33 months. The representatives of the investor, that is Karimpol Group, local authorities, representatives of companies engaged in the investment process and other guests took part in the ceremony of building in the foundation act. The act was signed by: Harald Jeschek – Managing Partner of Grupy Karimpol, Katarzyna Włodek-Makos – Director of Economic Growth Office of the City of Warsaw, Szymon Wojciechowski – Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of APA Wojciechowski and Wojciech Gerber – Member of the Board of Warbud SA.

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our presence on the Polish market this year. It is hard to imagine a better gift for this occasion than starting the construction of our major project – Skyliner. Skyliner is a new office which meets the highest construction standards, functionality in planning of space, productivity due to the applied solutions and efficiency. This investment is situated in a perfect location with access to different facilitations at the distance of 1.5 km, which is crucial for tenants and their employees – says Harald Jeschek, Managing Partner of Karimpol Group.

Skyliner will be one of the highest buildings in the capital. It will be a 195-meter-high construction. The investment will offer nearly 44 000 sq. m to tenants. Skyliner will comprise of 30 office levels and 4 levels intended for commercial and service purposes, which will be available only to both tenants and Varsovians. Additionally, two levels of Skybar with a dedicated elevator and with the view of the city are planned at the height of 165 m.

Skyliner is situated at Rondo Daszyńskiego. This location provides direct access to the second line of metro as well as to the stops of 5 tram lines and 7 bus lines. The tenants will have a 5-level car park for 428 cars and 500 bicycles at their disposal.

Skyliner is certified in the BREEAM system at the Excellent level. The author of this project is APA Wojciechowski. There will be modern architectural solutions with the highest class materials applied in the building. This investment will be financed from the loan granted by Bank Pekao SA. The construction works on the aboveground part started in September this year and they will last by the half-year of 2020. Warbud SA is responsible for their complex implementation.


SKYLINER in numbers:

  • 195-meter-high;
  • 43 633 sq. m – total leasable space, including 3130 sq. m of commercial and service space;
  • 45 levels: 30 office, 4 commercial and service, 5 underground garages, 2 Skybar and 4 technical;
  • Skybar – 165 m above the ground, 798 sq. m;
  • 428 underground parking spaces;
  • 500 stands for bicycles;
  • 21 elevators.


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