A terrace in your office

Obervation decks are to be arranged on the roof of Zefir
A terrace is a relaxation place in residential buildings, whereas in service buildings – it often performs a role of a café garden. And how about its function in the office?

Eat outside


Terraces are not only representative zones, observation decks, or relaxation zones. Company canteens or public restaurants often operate in the office buildings. Many of them, especially in the summer period, offer an opportunity of eating on the adjacent terrace. Such space is created on the ground floor of many buildings, however, there are also some structures where a restaurant terrace is placed on the higher floors, additionally offering interesting views to their clients.


Use the roof of your office


Sometimes it is the roof of your office with constitutes a terrace. It is a demanding construction, which has to deal with different atmospheric phenomenon such as heavy rains or snows. A terrace on the roof should perform usable functions and meet high expectations concerning insulation. A proper construction setting decides on stability.  


One of the offices which is characterized by an observation deck designed on the roof is Zefir, which is a part of the Pomerania Office Park complex. They will be available for all employees of the office as well as tenants' guests. It is also possible that in the future the inhabitants of Tricity will be able to use observation decks within events organized by Unimor Development. A picturesque panorama of Starówka in Gdańsk (Old Town) and the canals of the Motława River can be admired from the roof of Zefir. From the very start of working on this project, a proper development and use of the roof were natural choices for us. From our point of view, such attractive space could not remain unused, therefore, we made a decision on arranging a relaxation zone with elements of small architecture on this place – says Krzysztof Paul, Chairman of the Board of Unimor Development, during the interview with e-biurowce.pl.


A terrace in the office is one of the architectural elements which can have an impact on reception of the building. It is often a representation space, which allows to admire a beautiful panorama of the neighborhood. It is the place where observation points, restaurants, or relaxation zones are created. Terraces can be found on both the ground floor as well as on the highest floors of the office, and sometimes on its roof. In a dense city development, where space is strongly limited, the terraces constitute additional space which can be used.


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