New Tenants Lease Space In C200 Office

C200 Office
C200 Office
New tenants lease space in C200 Office. The lease level increases up to 80%.

After the thorough modernization in 2016, C200 Office is finally commissioned. It delivers 17 600 sq. m of office space which is successively leased by new companies. The current lease level amounts to 80% mainly thanks to the contracts with such companies as IFS, Multifunctional Poland, Ecol Group as well as the expansion of Powel.

Tenants who lease space in C200 Office are companies from the IT and new technologies industry such as Powel, HIS Markit, Neoteric or DPS Software. A new company will join the group of foregoing tenants in April 2018. IFS Industrial and Financial Systems Poland will move on the third floor and it will occupy 267 sq. m of office space in C200 Office. IFS is a producer and deliverer of software for companies. A Norwegian corporation Powel, which also operates in the IT industry, had occupied 600 sq. m of office space so far, however, due to dynamic growth, the company has expanded office space up to 865 sq. m.

New tenants of C200 are from the sanitary and environment protection industry, including Ecol Sp. z o.o. which forms a group of companies engaged in the environment protection. Ecol Group comprises Ecol-Unicon Sp. z o.o. (the company specializes in production and sale of devices and investments related to water protection and delivers maintenance, performance and exploitation services), RETENCJAPL (the company delivers consultancy services in rainwater and meltwater) and BIOPRO (the company delivers consulting, advisory and design services in the area of untypical solutions for the sanitary industry). In May this year, Ecol Group will move on the fourth floor of C200 Office and it will occupy 565 sq. m of office space.

The new tenant of C200 Office is also Multiconsult. It is a leader in consulting engineering in Norway, Scandinavia and Poland. The company offers engineering support, design, project management, project monitoring, technical verification and supervision in the road and railway transport. Multiconsult Poland delivers consultancy services concerning technical projects and environment protection. The company will move into C200 Office in March 2018 and it will occupy nearly 300 sq. m on the third floor.

C200 Office is a revitalized building which has been serving Remontowa Shipbuilding for many years. The office building is situated at Marynarki Polskiej Street in Gdańsk. The tenants can benefit from car spaces in the aboveground car park as well as in the underground garage, conference hall, canteen, playroom, gym and car park for bicycles and showers for bicyclists. The owner of the investment situated at the water front is INOPA, which has implemented such investments as Tensor in Gdynia and Centaurus, which is currently being performed in Olsztyn.


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