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Office is more and more frequently treated as a tool used for building the image of an attractive employer. It is a perfect element of external communication with potential employees.

Employer Branding – Office Tool


The popular adage “fine feathers make fine birds” relates to work places, too. Nowadays, office can function as a good image tool of Employer Branding. As Tomasz Pater from the Department of Research and Consulting of Work Space of Nowa Styl Group observes, work space is a reflection of organizational culture of a given company; when designed in an inspiring and innovative way, it is an invaluable tool, which attracts the best employees. Office is more and more frequently used as a tool for both external communication (for instance, for recruitment) and inside communication (for already hired employees). Hence, it is a perfect tool of Employer Branding, that is building of employer’s image. This process is aimed at promotion of a given company as an attractive employer on the market. It helps in hiring new and talented employees and maintaining the best qualified persons, who are already hired in a company. Additionally, it contributes to friendly atmosphere at work.

Office is an image of a given company. Its design sends information to the external surroundings. As Tomasz Pater observes, this message should be coherent with business activity of a given company as well as their ideas and values. Unfortunately, it is not a very common phenomenon. According to 68 per cent of the surveyed employees, their heads are not properly engaged in providing organizational culture in their office, which can exert an influence on them in this area1 – says Tomasz Pater, Nowy Styl Group. An attractive office does not only impress clients and employees but it can also testify to business credibility of a given company.  


How to attract the best qualified employees?


The position of candidates on the labour market is constantly strengthened; companies compete with each other in order to find the best qualified employees. A brand is one of the deciding factors while rejecting or accepting a job offer by a given employee. More and more people would like to visit their work place before signage of an employment contract. The significant role of the office in the recruitment process is confirmed by the research projects of the Department of Research and Consulting of Office Space by Nowy Styl Group: 240 out of 324 people (74.3 per cent) from the banking sector answered “yes” to the question: “Do you think that attractive office is one of the factors which is taken into consideration while choosing a new employer?” The similar percentage share occurs in the research groups in other industries (real estates – 77.5 per cent, or new technologies – 66.67 per cent of the surveyed). Conclusion – no matter of the industry, we pay attention to a place where we work, or how our future work place would look like – says Tomasz Pater.


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