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Many employees would like to have an office with the view of the surroundings, however, their windows are often covered for the protection against heat and sunrays. Fortunately, these two matters: protection against sunrays and the view out of the window can be reconciled.

Although many employees would like to have an office with the view of the surroundings, it is not always possible. In order to protect the office against heat and sunrays, a lot of office administrators decide to cover their windows with shades or blinds. Unfortunately, such solution creates a claustrophobic sense of closure and thus it has a bad impact on general performance and staff productiveness. It is because people who work in such rooms complain about a small amount of daylight and quick eyestrain. The eye needs some “gymnastics” and looking at one point is not definitely helpful in this matter.

The already mentioned access to daylight is incredibly important for employees because its lack lowers staff productiveness and energy. Moreover, it can cause some problems with sleeping. Working in a room with artificial lighting causes eyestrain, and, in a long-term perspective, its deterioration. The issue of lighting is even discussed in legal acts; if a given work place does not have windows, the District Sanitary Inspector or the State Sanitary Inspectorate are obliged to issue a special permission for its use.

What is more, the view out of the rooms where employees spend most of their time often allows them for the contact with nature, which is maintained, of course, when they can see plants while looking outside the window. Green surroundings calms down and enhances well-being (see more: How plants promote well-being?). However, many offices are situated in such districts where it is only possible to see other buildings while looking outside the window. Against all appearances, the view from the last floor of such a building can provide a breath-taking panorama of the city. Hence, there are observation decks created in many Polish office buildings right now. The opportunity to look outside the window also allows for a moment of relaxation and finding new ideas.


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