No more insects in your office!

ReflexSun Screen Free – free-hanging blind without window pulleys
Some time ago we were wondering how to avoid overheating at work without limiting the access to daylight. And yet, the sunbeams seem to be not the only external factor which hampers work. What can really bother employees are insects.

It is often very difficult to concentrate during long working hours without paying attention to some incentives from the surroundings. A job which requires concentration can be often disturbed by insects which fly in front of our eyes, buzz, or sit on our body. Their constant interruption can be really irritating. What is more, this problem is even more escalated during sunny days when we often decide to open the windows. There are many natural methods which deter insects at home, for instance, perfume oils or various plants. However, there are also some places where it is more difficult to apply such methods, whereas insects are equally bothering. So how we can actually deal with such gate crashers in our offices?

Insects can be deterred with different chemical products. However, mosquito nets can serve as a perfect solution for those who would not like to use such drastic solution. The net secures rooms against insects, and, simultaneously, it does not limit the access to daylight.

Except for mosquito nets, there is also another solution such as screen blinds (popularly known as refleksols). These are external blinds which do not only protect against both sun rays and heat penetration (see more: Enjoy the sunbeams in your office!) but they also protect against insects and wind. They are a permanent, aesthetic and practical solution, which is perfect in the office, conference hall, or other glazed premises. Screen blinds, similarly to the great majority of blinds, are made from cassette, side guides and fabric. What is more, the fabric is one of the greatest assets of this product as it does not transmit solar heat or insects and also allows for enjoying the view outside the window. This solution is not only available in newly erected buildings; the blinds can be successively applied in undeveloped offices too. Depending on their kind, they can be mounted on the external elevation, in window recesses, inside the premises, or on window sash. There are also some models to be built-in (recessed).


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