Which Shades Are Perfect For Office Space?

ReflexSun - Screen Shades (Refleksols)
It may seem that all shades are practically the same and it does not matter which of them are mounted on the windows in the office space. However, appearances can be deceptive…

Shades are often chosen by employers who want to protect their office space against heat and sun. Thereby, they take care of comfortable working conditions as sunbeams can actually turn a working place into a greenhouse. When the temperature outside the office exceeds 30oC, many air conditioning systems have some problems with cooling of the air inside the building. In effect, work productivity decreases, and there are some problems with concentration and well-being of employees. In such situation, there is one simple solution: shades. However, it is worth remembering that not all of them are the same…


Which One To Choose? Internal Shades Or Maybe Refleksols?

When we cover any window with a shade, it allows us to avoid some tiresome sun reflections on monitor screens, however, is it enough to protect us against overheating of interiors? The problem is a material from which they are made. It does not always keep the heat energy and then, despite covering the windows, it is still hot. In such case, it turns out that shade does not meet the expectations, even though we want to improve the situation.

So, what should we do? The idea of hiding from sunbeams is good, however, the key to success is the performance of shade. Screen shades (refleksols) are made from a special material, which prevents from pervading the heat inside the office and thus it actually stops the sunbeams. Screen shade does not heat up and it creates a close barrier for the heat energy. The office premises are pleasantly cold and the cooling system is not in overdrive work all days as the interiors are much less preheated.


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Halinka :
No właśnie, tez mi się wydaje że takie żaluzje pionowe są idealne do biur. My też na takie postawiliśmy i zamówiliśmy na wymiar od producenta rolet i żaluzji firmy FILL. Ogólnie moim zdaniem bardzo ładnie wyglądają w biurze.
September 30, 2020 at 8:17 AM
Liliana Gomowska :
Do biura doskonałym pomysłem będą żaluzje pionowe verticale, choć rolety również zawsze się bronią. Może rolety dzień noc byłyby najbardziej funkcjonalne.
June 19, 2018 at 11:25 AM