Co-working Office Space

Mindspace Warsaw - Koszyki Hall
A trend which is currently changing the Polish labor market is co-working. No wonder that there is more and more new co-working spaces in the whole country.


Modern co-working space is also offered within Campus Warsaw by Google. The goal of this initiative is to create an entrepreneurship incubator and support the growing start-up industry. Campus Warsaw constantly develops and it has recently changed its foregoing head office within the Koneser Praga Center complex. The new office has nearly 2500 sq. m. CBRE consulting company, Massive Design, Dyskret and Arup collaborated on this project. Campus Warsaw does not only offer work places but also cooperation zones such as café and event zone, auditorium, training rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

Co-working space will be also opened in Koszyki Hall from October this year. Mindspace – a global operator of co-working services, whose centers are situated in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Tel Aviv – has already rented three tiers in this investment. This office will hold over 450 people: freelancers, entrepreneurs, employees of innovative businesses, small and medium companies or start-ups. Mindspace offers comfortable offices which favor development of creativity as well as relaxation places and fully equipped kitchens. Except for working space, it is also important to create a non-virtual community which has an access to the international business network. The membership is related with additional benefits and discounts offered by global and local deliverers of services such as Amazon or Microsoft, or surrounding restaurants, car rentals, hotels and wellness centers.


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madrala :
Nowoczesne biura to nowy trend w stolicy i na świecie. Według mnie prócz samej przestrzeni inwestorzy muszą się zastanowić poważnie nad lokalizacją i samym budynkiem bo jak na moje oko sam szklany moloch w centrum czy na Mokotowie już nie wystarczy. Ja wolałbym jakiś klimatyczny budynek choćby praskiego Konesera który się właśnie remontuje. W sumie dalej od centrum ale blisko 2 linii metra ale tam przynajmniej na kawę w kawiarni nie będę czekać 20 minut a czynsz zapłacę zdecydowanie mniejszy.
September 24, 2017 at 12:52 PM