Remedy for Small Problems of Large Companies

pic Future Processing
pic Future Processing
Even 2 million zlotys annually. This is how much every employer hiring 840 people spends for the time their employees are searching for conference halls and struggling with small office issues. Is this a frivolous problem? Certainly not. All you have to do is to look at the numbers.

A wrong system of booking conference hall appears to be a small problem, however, it can gain in importance in the heat of everyday tasks and become a problem with a capital "P". And this is not only related to organizational but also to financial context. How can we deal with it? Can we evade throwing money down the drain and improve work organization in the office? And finally, can we do something to prevent a situation when small office problems suddenly become great challenges?

Of course we can. All we need to do is to think about introducing modern tools to the office which could support its management. It will certainly improve work organization and increase both efficiency and comfort of employees as well as save a lot of money – says Karol Kloc, Business Analyst, Smart City, Future Processing, Gliwice.

The solution is Future Office. This is a simple and functional tool allowing for controlling and managing conference halls. Moreover, the application for smartphones allows to immediately record everyday office issues related to using premises.


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